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Integrated Production & Accounting Management Information System (IPAMIS) is a comprehensive web-based plantation management computing solution which integrates:

  • Production activities.
  • Accounting transactions.

Currently there are 3 products of IPAMIS :-


  • Support single and multiple estate locations and ownership
  • Support hierarchical-based estate.
  • Support single and multiple enterprises (crops and livestocks).
  • Ready to use and easy to customize physical and financial reports.
  • Real-time transactions posting and reports generating.
  • Support all field and non-field, nursery, livestock, machinery, and workshop jobs recording.
  • Support single and multiple rates and unit measures.
  • Support barcode, PDA, and PC data entry.
  • Support MAPA and non-MAPA practices.
  • Support inter-estate billing.
  • Entry of data at any level with configurable business rules.
  • Prevent erroneous data entry through configurable linkage between jobs, accounts, locations, and enterprises and its stage.
  • Detail payroll and work-in-progress claims.
  • Generation of physical and financial reports for any level, location, and enterprise and its stage.
  • Include Tax Module ( GST Compliance )


  • Able to access data and reports from anywhere.
  • Able to generate financial and physical reports at any level from field up to management and HQ.
  • Minimize errors during closing financial period through pre-posting function.
  • Checking and approval of journals through the system.
  • Fast, reliable, and accurate generation of reports.
  • Automatic generation of journals (e.g. debit/credit note for suspense transactions and journal voucher for allocation of machinery, workshop, and general charges costs).
  • WYSIWYG/user friendly interface and easy navigation which reduce data entry mistakes and accelerate the understanding of operating the system.
  • Low cost investment on hardware

Platform support:
Windows and Linux.

Hardware requirements (minimum):

  • Client: Pentium IV 450MHz, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD and Internet Explorer 5.0 above.
  • Server: Pentium IV 800MHz, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB SCSI HDD.
  • Network infrastructure: Wireless or cabling network.