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Makmur Bio-Organik is an organic fertilizer derived from oil palm waste which is composted platform-based using the latest technology and beneficial microorganism found and cultured in Malaysia.

This 2-phase process includes the decaying phase by degradation microbes (>12 sp.) and the soil enrichment phase by mycorrhiza sp., trichoderma sp., minerals and organic nitrogen source. It is 100% waste and pathogen free, and also :
  • Improves yield quality
  • Enchance the development of root and shoots
  • Increase the efficiency of water and nutrient absorption
  • Improves soil physical properties such as structure, aeration and moisture.

Mychorrhiza sp is a type of beneficial soil fungus that lives attached to the roots of the plant. It increases the roots ability to absorb nutrients and water and at the same time improving and reconditioning the soil and it's structure. It also strengthens the roots against the attack of bad fungus to enable improvement in yield.

Tricoderma sp. is a type of fungus that lives on the surface of the roots. It helps to build a protection layer around the roots to protect the roots from most soil patogen by terminating the patogen through antibody, competition and de-activating patogen enzime.