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LCSB with oil palm as its core business has a total of 9,860 hectares of land consisting of 7 estates namely Lepar Besar, Lepar Baru, T1T2 and Angsana; Chini, Sri Meranti and Pelawan; Sg Semuji and Nenasi. LCSB also manages the LKPP Pahang State land comprising of LKPP Commercial, LKPP Social, Koperasi LKPP, individual lot and joint venture estates which brings to a total of 33,475 hectares of land. Moreover, 18 management centres consisting of 47 estates further make up a total of 43,335 hectare under the management of the company.

Matured areas are at an approximate 33,305 hectares while an additional 5,229 hectares are still in immature stage. The company also managed to clear 3,545 hectares of new land namely Sabak estate.


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LCSB has also set up fruit orchards in estate area, planted in Lepar Besar, Sungai Charu and Penor Idaman estate management center. The 11.21 hectares of orchard under the management of Lepar Besar is planted with fruits such as lime, coconut, durian and mengkudu. Meanwhile a total of 58.41 hectares of land has been planted with coconut and longan at the Penor Idaman estate. The orchard at the Penor Idaman estate produces the famous 'mataq' coconut, a favourite among the coconut buyers.  

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Oil Palm

With plantation activities as the core business of LCSB, the company has developed an area of 43,000 hectares of land, mainly consisting of oil palm trees as the main crop, along with orchard (fruit crop) in several areas of the estates.

The company has also successfully opened a peat soil area to be planted with oil palm trees. Through solid practice of agronomy and plantation, yields can be harvested within 26 months.

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